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Positive Attitude is Important

Guess what!  Nancy and I had to cancel our Kauai trip last Thursday due to the weather prediction of a major hurricane hitting the Hawaiian Islands last Friday and another hurricane category 3 which was supposed to hit Sunday (Aug. 9).  As it turns out, the second hurricane bypassed the islands, but we didn’t want to chance it.  Who wants a vacation ruined by high winds and a tropical storm?  Anyway, it was disappointing, but we made another reservation for May 16 to 23, 2015 at a really lovely resort on Kauai.  In the meantime, we made plans to have fun right here in San Diego (called a staycation).  We went swimming a few times, we saw a fabulous movie I highly recommend called, “The 100 Foot Journey,”  we took our pet sitter out for lunch, since we had to cancel her help, we played ping-pong and cards, and Nancy made a couple of fabulous vegetarian, delicious lunches, and Wednesday we will be taking a walk at La Jolla Shores Beach.  We might go to Coronado, too.  

When you’re given lemons, you have to make lemonade.  Life is so much happier that way.  (:

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My Summer Vacation

Being that I have all of August off, I’ve been enjoying sleeping in.  It’s been glorious!  I’ve also been swimming laps for about 35 minutes three times a week, and I just finished riding my bicycle around the neighborhood for 20 minutes.  I’ve been enjoying bike riding once it cools down (7:30pm).  

Next Friday, August 8, my daughter, Nancy, and I are flying to Kauai, my favorite island. We went there together about 4 years ago, and have fun making healthy recipes, kayaking, swimming, snorkeling, touring, and taking Hula Dance lessons.  Of course, I plan to tango dance there, too. They have a small tango community, and the leader called me from Kauai today, and another guy emailed me and said he remembered me and both are looking forward to tango dancing with me.  I thought that was sweet!

I hope you are making sure to enjoy our beautiful San Diego, and I wish you a safe trip wherever you are planning to go.  I teach again starting Sept. 2, at Mesa College, and look forward to meeting a number of new students along with my past students.

"Happy are those who sing with all their heart: to find joy in the sky, the trees, the flowers.  There are always flowers for those who want to see them."                                                              - Henri Matisse

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Begin to believe in the power of your thoughts

     Every month I write a list of my goals, and on this list I have always included:  ”I choose to have a substantial surprise amount of money received weekly.”  Sometimes it happens, and sometimes it doesn’t.           However, last weekend something surprising happened to me.  I had attended a wedding of a close friend of mine, and when I went to check out, I needed to pay for two nights, and the charge was to be 99 dollars per night plus tax.  I told them my room number and they told me it had already been paid for.  I was shocked.  Really?  I asked them who paid for it, and they told me a woman’s name I had never heard of.  I said for them to check, because I had never heard of that woman.  In a few minutes they came back, looked at me smiling, and said, “This is your lucky day!”

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Beach Scenes on June 1, 2014

Myself and my students enjoying the ocean at our potluck:  Khoa, Chiaki, me, Tamila, Miyoung, and Su from left to right in the photo.  Everyone wants a repeat of this wonderful day.

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A rarity I saw on June 2, 2014, at the ocean

Some students in my ESL class met at Pacific Beach for a picnic.  Little did we know that we would be observers of a very rare phenomenon called an upside down rainbow, or a smile rainbow, formed by ice crystals.  Wow!!  I took these photos below, and they appeared for one hour.  Sometimes you would see it divide into two parts, and sometimes three parts.  One time it looked to me like an angel whose wings were spread.  We all decided it was a good luck omen.